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Hello there, this is Kei.
It's been a long time already since I open my LJ. I'm here to officially announce you all that I've retired from this livejournal and I won't be active at any social medias anymore, unless twitter, I guess. I've quit the fandom too, not that really quitting, just casually not following the updates and stuff, but I still enjoy watching the old videos and Arashi's music, so I didn't say I'm really quitting.
I will be more active on my twitter, if you interested to follow me, do so. But I warn you, I will mostly post about my art stuffs and my real life ramblings only. I won't guarantee you that I will talk about any fandom I follow right now unless it's necessary. But I won't refuse anyone who wants to show me newest Arashi's update or my other fandom I recently follow, Mamamoo, I would welcome them no matter what. I'm just not gonna talk too much about it, but I will receive any news. So don't be afraid, I won't bite.

Also, since I sometime still get comments on my subbed videos entries, I will still keep my links open here for people who maybe still wants it. But I will close all of my older entries.
I've summed up all of the links and sort them by the years of the release.

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Please do not reupload these to other sites, reposting it, or claiming it as your own.
I hope you all find my subbed videos useful.
Thank you and farewell!